Environment, Health & Safety Policy


Future Leap understands its important role to address sustainability in the work it pursues. Strongly grounded by guiding principles of social responsibility, environmental stewardship and economic growth, we firmly believe in holding ourselves accountable for whatever we do today which will have an impact in the generations of tomorrow. Our practices are modelled on the principal that the future isn’t compromised by what we do today. Future Leap realizes this as a challenge and serves as a responsible business partner and employer placing sustainability at the top of its agenda.

Safety Overview

Future Leap has a comprehensive Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) management system which serves the purpose of ensuring the well-being of all its employees. Our perfectionist management team is thoroughly committed to the successful execution of all projects and have an accident-free record throughout. Our EHS protocol is designed to meet the specifics of each individual project. This is because every project entails different requirements and therefore the means to meet our EHS protocol may differ from project to project. However, our policy outcomes remain consistent and unhindered. Overall, we examine potential hazards for each project and then develop, implement and maintain our EHS plan throughout the project’s lifespan. We ensure that all personnel related to the project including subcontractors are well-informed of our criteria and are committed to the system.Our plan identifies and establishes resources essential to the implementation and control of the EHS system. The plan analyses on-site accident prevention and considers comprehensive safety requirements for:

  • Work Force
  • Environment
  • Safe Work Methods
  • Accident Investigation
  • Future Leap deploys a quarterly Safety Award system to honor employees that have demonstrated significant awareness towards overall safety on site.
  • Our experience includes work in confined spaces with exposure to toxic gases such as inside power plants, over live gas pipe lines, gallery modules and other confined spaces.


Future Leap’s ambitions of sustainable development run through our operations and also markedly involve the betterment in environmental performance through maintain required standards such as that of waste disposal etc. We systematically set objectives, measure our progress then communicate the results. Future Leap achieves this by:

  • Complying with all applicable environment laws, regulations, statutory obligations and relevant voluntary codes of practice.
  • Maintaining environmental management systems that are appropriate to the nature and scale of our business.
  • Ensuring that our employees, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants area ware of and have the necessary Skills to fulfill their environmental obligations.
  • Working with clients and other stakeholders to help them achieve their environmental objectives and obligations.