Building Your Future

Location of Main Office

601-56, Acico Business Park building, Behind Nissan Showroom, Deira City Center, Dubai

Company Profile

Future Leap is a private contractor-ship company that deals in civil and electro-mechanical projects in the GCC region and aspires to compete internationally. Registered with the government of UAE, our company has a long-term vision of formulating efficient and systematic plan-of-actions in order to meet our highly dynamic objectives.We can be best described as a dedicated group of expert problem solvers who specialize in digging out cost-effective solutions for industrial scale projects. We pay great attention to detail of the quality of our services. Our strict assurance policies make sure that service quality and customer satisfaction remains uncompromised at all costs. Combined with that, introducing newer technology to our production process is what gives us that edge to take a “future leap” in what we do best. We are all about never-ending growth and sustained improvement. We represent potent and dynamic change for the betterment of societies by carrying out extensive and contract-based development projects.With regards to construction, Future Leap understands how diverse this industry is, especially in the GCC region. The market dynamics have helped us adopt certain key elements, such as being highly flexible and adaptable towards the varying needs of our clients. With this, there are different constraints and challenges in each project which makes our work a whole lot interesting. Since there is no fixed answer for each client, our service delivery is then driven by creativity and a challenge-oriented attitude. Even though our plan-of-actions is to capture a larger segment of the market, control budget and to develop business via a systematic process but when it comes to customer requirements, we believe in the need to be flexible towards client demands, hence consultants and local authorities are instrumental to our success.